Frequently asked
vehicle signage questions

First let’s talk signage vs. wrapping.

Vehicle signage is generally logos and branding elements cut from vinyls and applied. Our prices start from as low as $299+gst for simple smaller single colour logos on the side doors. The more graphics – or the larger the graphics you choose to have, the bigger the budget. Our most common signage, full colour larger logos and text on the sides, with details on the rear, costs on average $699+gst.

Vehicle Wrapping is the art of covering all visible factory paint on a vehicle. This can be partially wrapped, or fully wrapped. The cost for this can vary based on a few key factors. Does the vehicle need to be stripped? How much of the body is being wrapped? And what type of wrap ie; Gloss, Metallic, Custom Colour.
Quarter wraps can cost approx $990+gst – $1500+gst. Half wraps can cost from $1499 for hatchbacks, or from $2490+gst for utes and wagons.

Budget saving tips: Keeping any graphics clear of body edges, door handles and high-contoured areas makes for an easier installation. Our designers can help keep your ideas inline with your budget, to ensure you get maximum impact (or a stealthy look) for the best possible price.

Custom colours and effects

While we have an extensive range of off-the-shelf colours and finishes from proven brands like 3M, Arlon, Avery Dennison and Hexis, we can also custom create almost any colour or finish using a combination of printable 3M wrapping films and special effect UV protective laminates.

Colour matching to strange custom colours can add cost to your project. We can provide samples of custom colours on request. This can vary based on effect but is normally $90+gst for multiple swatches. Pantone matching to standard gloss or matte colours is at no charge.

Design & Booking process

Our inhouse design process can take anywhere from 30minutes to days – depending on the design complexity. Most vehicle signage is designed and approved within a day and our preferred approval method is via email. Once the artwork and quote is approved – we can then find a timeslot that suits you and the installation.
We generally book a month in advance for larger projects but smaller simpler designs may be booked in earlier. It is uncommon to get your signage installed the same day or week as the initial design or booking process.

Installation of most vehicle signage

We prefer vehicles to be dropped off at 8.30-9am on the day of booking. We would then need the vehicle for the full day till 4pm.
Graphics that involve anything more than a quarter-wrap will be required to stay overnight in our secure indoor lockup.

Installation of half wraps and full wraps

Half wraps or more will take from 3 to 5 business days.

But why?

We don’t like to be speedy when installing what can be expensive materials to expensive cars, regardless of the vehicle. Our installations often require a full clean-down and preparation of all surfaces, crevice’s, nooks and crannies before any installation can begin. Often in the case of a full wrap, the installation process won’t begin until the second day.

Not really? But sure!

While we have an icy cold fridge of waters, free WiFi, and a cozy couch to relax on, the installation can take some time, and it may get a bit boring.
In some circumstances your vehicle can be prioritised to be done straight away while you wait, however this does depend on the design. Please get in touch to find our more.

Absolutely! (In a good way)

Our vinyl wraps will protect the factory paint from fading, light swirls and scratches, and fallout exposure for up to 7 years or even longer. We have had examples of 11 year old half wraps where the wrapped portion of the vehicle looked like new on removal, and the unwrapped area was faded and damaged after years of exposure.


All of our vehicle grade vinyls carry a minimum warranty of 7 years with some exceptions:
The general exception is that any vehicle panel that faces directly to the sun ie; roof and bonnet, are more susceptible to fade and wear, the warranty for those panels are 3 years. However you can expect your wrap to last far longer than that with basic care and maintenance.

Life Expectancy

If at any point you find something wrong with your signage or wrap, do not hestiate to get in touch, we will remedy any issues under warranty. With basic cleaning and care, you should expect your signage to last at least 8-10 years depending on the finish. Matte finishes may look older sooner than gloss finishes.

Wrap Care

Now that your awesome new graphics have been applied, it’s important to care for them over the next few days as the graphics settle in.

Over the next 48 hours
– Let your car get plenty of sun. Heat from the sun helps promote adhesion, and also removes any slight imperfections.
– Avoid moisture where possible. Try to prevent exposure to rain/moisture, and do not wash the car in the first 48 hours.

Caring for your graphics
Brushless carwashes only! After the initial 48hours, feel free to hand-wash or use a touch-less carwash. Hand-washing is always recommended as high pressure water systems can lift or damage your graphics.

Get a check up.
If your car has been partially, half, or fully-wrapped with graphics, it pays to bring it in for a quick once-over to ensure the graphics have taken hold. This does not cost anything,  and could save you money in the long run! Get in touch with the team to book a quick checkup.

Graphic and wrap removals

If the vehicle signage was done by our team, we know for sure it’s going to be a breeze to remove as we only use the highest quality materials.
Removals are charged at an hourly rate of $90+gst and are estimated upon sighting the vehicle.

If the signage or wrap was not installed by our team, we cannot guarantee what is hiding underneath, however we will make you aware of any potential worries either at the time of quoting, or during the removal process.

In the event that we are doing a removal and then adding new graphics, we will always provide photos of any issues before re-wrapping. If a previous installation was not done by us and we find any serious issues – we always recommend having a word with the previous installer to remedy the situation first.

What files do you need?

Getting the files to us

You can either email your files direct, or send files up to 20mb through our contact page.
Anything larger than that can be sent via a file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud – your device may even come with that feature, give us a call and we’ll guide you through it!

Emailing Photos

If you’re sending us a photo from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet – your device will often as what quality to send the image, the best choice for this is “Actual Size” or “Original size”

File Formats and Types

The easiest way is simply to just send us everything you’ve got! However our preferred file types for print and branding are vector/scalable .PDF .AI .EPS .CDR
For images, we accept all common media types – we’ll let you know of any image issues before proceeding with print.

Packaged Adobe design files are always welcome.

Where possible, it is preferred to receive print-ready files where the text has been converted to outlines to ensure the formatting doesn’t change, and the files to be supplied with bleed (5mm) and crop marks. Receiving print ready files will help avoid any additional set-up costs.


If you have specific colour requirements let us know, we accept CMYK, Pantone, and RGB, but to ensure your colours correct – do let us know of any specifics or supply a physical sample and request a physical proof to sign off.

Bad files

If your branding or print files were created in less-than-professional software such as Microsoft Word, or online design services such as Canva, your files may require tweaking. This usually will incur a set up fee.

No files?

Graphic Design Service

Our inhouse team of designers can create almost anything you need! Large jobs won’t incur any design charges, email us for more information about our graphic design services and fees.


Do it once, do it right with professional branding by our design team. We live and breathe design – so we know what’s “been done” and what shouldn’t be!

Image Editing

With a plethora of the latest design software, and a whole lot of experience, our team can photograph, tweak, Photoshop, grade and repair your imagery in no-time!

Low Res?
No Stress.

Bear witness to the unbelievable results from our AI Image upscaling software! Turn your low resolution imagery, icons, and elements into high resolution masterpieces.

Get in touch and let our creative team work their magic on your files!