#itsawrap with signwriting.co.nz and 3M Films!

Visit our showroom for the full effect of our 3M wrapping film range, or browse below for samples of the colours available. Colours subject to availability, please check with the team.

Gloss Finish

Get a paint-like finish with gloss films. Easy to maintain for a long lasting showroom shine.
Select a colour below to see an example photo.

Cinder Spark Red

Gloss Red Metallic

Gloss Dragon Fire Red

Gloss Dark Red

Gloss Flame Red

Hotrod Red

Fiery Orange

Gloss Liquid Copper

Gloss Burnt Orange

Gloss Bright Orange

Gloss Sunflower Yellow

Gloss Lemon Sting

Bright Yellow

Lucid Yellow

Green Envy

Kelly Green

Light Green

Atomic Teal

Midnight Blue

Deep Blue Metallic

Gloss Blue Metallic

Blue Raspberry

Cosmic Blue

Intense Blue

Gloss Blue Fire

Ice Blue

Sky Blue

Fierce Fuchsia

Hot Pink

Midnight Rose

Plum Explosion

Gloss Wicked

Ember Black

Galaxy Black

Black Metallic

Gloss Black

Anthracite Gloss

Charcoal Metallic

Glacier Gray

Gloss White Aluminum

Stirling Silver

Gloss White Gold Sparkle

Gloss White

Gloss Ivory

Gold Metallic


Hard wearing textured films for a stunning look, inside and out.
Select a colour below to see an example photo.

Shadow Military Green

Shadow Black

Brushed Black

Brushed Steel

Carbon Fiber Black

Matrix Black

Colour Flip

Out of this world looks in satin or gloss finishes
Select a colour below to see an example photo.

Satin Volcanic Flare

Psychedelic Flip

Deep Space Flip

Electric Wave Flip

Ghost Pearl Flip

Caribbean Shimmer Flip